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Poster: GersonK Date: Nov 12, 2005 3:41am
Forum: prelinger Subject: mstie wish list

Just thought I'd be greedy and ask if we'll ever see any more of the ephemeral shorts featured on Mystery Science Theater show up here? (See below for a list of the missing movies). I know at least one of these (Last Clear Chance) was in Panorama Ephemera, so it should show up in its entirety sooner or later. On the other hand, I know that not all of these are in the Prelinger Archive, but I'm not sure which ones aren't (apart from Mr. B Natural).

Since I know I can't expect to get all of these from the archive, does anybody know of other sources to get these at consumer friendly prices?

Last Clear Chance
Speech: Using Your Voice
The Selling Wizard
Why Study Industrial Arts?
Keeping Clean And Neat
Money Talks!
X Marks The Spot
Alphabet Antics
Snow Thrills
Aquatic Wizards
Catching Trouble
Posture Pals
Junior Rodeo Daredevils
Johnny At The Fair
Circus On Ice
The Truck Farmer
Here Comes The Circus
Progress Island U.S.A.
Mr. B Natural

(For those of you who are curious as to what I'm doing with these things, and what MST material is already in the archive, check out:
Note, there's more than just archive material there, but if it's in the archive and it was on MST, it should be there. A search of the archive with "Mystery Science Theater 3000" will get you some of this material thanks to Christine Hennig's reviews, but she hasn't reviewed all the material.)

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Poster: Christine Hennig Date: Nov 12, 2005 6:35am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: mstie wish list

Here are some sources for the films on your list:

Last Clear Chance: The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 3 (Rhino), Our Secret Century, Vol. 4: The Uncharted Landscape (Voyager)
Why Study Industrial Arts?: The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (Rhino)
Keeping Clean and Neat: The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 3 (Rhino)
Catching Trouble: The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 3 (Rhino)
Posture Pals: The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 3 (Rhino)
Junior Rodeo Daredevils: The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 2 and Vol. 7 (Rhino)
Mr. B Natural: Mr. B's Lost Shorts (Best Brains), Campy Classroom Classics, Vol. 15 (Something Weird)

I would also check out Something Weird's website––they have lots of ephemera collections.

BTW, although I haven't reviewed all the Prelinger Films, I *have* reviewed all the films on the site that have been done by mst3k. This is because I watched and reviewed all the mst3k shorts before discovering this site, so it was just a matter of copying and pasting the reviews.

Hope this helps.

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Poster: GersonK Date: Nov 13, 2005 12:54am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: mstie wish list

Thanks for the response! I'll have to dig through somethingweird and see what I can find. So the mst sets include the unmstied shorts, not just the unmstied features? I've never been able to be sure by the reviews I've read.

And I apologize for not being clearer when talking about about your reviews. I was talking about the 'difficulty' in finding mst materials in the archive. It looks like you have reviewed all the subsequently mstied shorts in the Prelinger archive - but you haven't hit all the mst material in the features collection, and not all of your relevant reviews mention "Mystery Science Theater". So while you've still provided the best way to find the movies (short of my list in the two months a year that it's up to date, of course), there's still no fol proof method to search for mstied movies here. But that's a small quibble really.